Blog Post #1: The Collection of Knowledge

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The power of words impacts a small family in dreary times.  Frederick and his family discover how a family can be united with a small mouse’s imagination.  Frederick has a vivid imagination and a keen sight to perceive life around him.  Fredrick uses all his senses to capture the innocence and beauty of life; he then expresses the eloquence of nature with his words.  Fredrick by Leo Lionni demonstrates how the writing process can be seen as passive, uneventful, yet have a profound impact on a person.

Lionni utilizes the character Fredrick to demonstrate how the writing process begins with the mind.  The mind of a writer begins in a passive state.  During the initial stages of prewriting/preplanning, a writer can be perceived as lazy, anti-social, or distracted.  Frederick’s family asked, “Why don’t you work?” and Fredrick replied, “I gather sun rays for the cold dark winter days.”  Frederick’s mind was active as he used his imagination to match words with feelings.  In a passive physical state, Frederick’s mind was at full force as his imagination filled the interpretation of sun rays into words of expression.

In a state of stupor, Frederick is accused of day dreaming.  How many times have you been caught in class and accused of day dreaming; when in fact, your mind was synthesizing the professor’s lecture.  The creativity of writing and the power of imagination can easily be construed as a waste of time.  When in fact, the mind is planning, constructing, and visualizing.  Most of my life, I have lived the role of Frederic.  For so many years, words did not make sense, and I watched others speak as I remained silent.  When I understood the value of words, I put together the meaning to make knowledge; I began to read anything and everything.   I have ventured out in the world to collect knowledge.

Through the acquisition of knowledge, I also began to collect books.  The diversity of my reading spans from fiction to non-fiction.  I am not impartial to any genre; as long as I learn something, then I am happy.  I enjoy how-to-books, self-help books, comic books, or children’s books.  My obsession of collecting books has been an addiction.  I go to yard sales, rummage sales, or library liquidations.  I enjoy finding rare books for a minimal price.  Recently, my husband told me that I could not longer buy books because I was out of book shelves.  I replied, “That is okay.  I saw a cute book shelve at a yard sale yesterday.”  My husband has also tried, “If you bring a new book home, then you have to give away a book or two.”  That did not help either.  My dear love has come to understand that I do not collect fancy shoes, jewelry, or need expensive gifts; I am the happiest when I am surrounded by the power of words contained in each book I own.


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