Blog 9: It’s All About The Ingredients

choco cookies.jpg    It’s All About The Ingredients

The smell of fresh cooked chocolate chip cookies can turn any gray sky blue.  Each bite offers a crunch of warm dough that melts the sweet savory chocolate chips.  Each bite is genuine in flavor, but the uniqueness of the cookie depends on the ingredients.  Each ingredient plays an important role, but it is the care and consistency that matters.  In a small bowl:  mix the flour, baking soda, and salt.  In a separate bowl:  Beat butter, granulated sugar, brown sugar and vanilla extract.  Mix the butter and the sugar until creamy.  After the perfect consistency has been reached, then the dry ingredients are added.  Once the dough has been formed, the sweet chocolate chips are added.  Then it is time to bake them… In nine minutes, hot delicious cookies are ready to be enjoyed by all.  Fresh chocolate chip cookies are always a crowd pleaser that brings everyone together to enjoy hot fresh cookies with a glass of milk.

In Choice Words by Peter Johnston, Johnston explains in chapter 8 the importance for a teacher to create “independent thinkers” by creating a consistency of noticing, identity, agency, and epistemology (81).  Each ingredient plays a valuable role in obtaining the balance between literacy and learning.  Johnston adds, “We can’t use them as teaching tools as if they stand alone and can be picked up and put down at will” (77).  The perfect consistency empowers students to think with a “reader’s eye” and an “author’s eye” (81).  With the appropriate balance, the teacher enables literacy and learning as “part of the discourse of the classroom, and all interact with one another” (77) to create an environment of “responsible literate democratic citizens”(80).

The irresistible chocolate chip cookies are a reminder to teachers to be mindful of the ingredients you add to your classroom.  For example, if you add too much butter to your cookies, then they will not rise.  In a similar fashion, if you do not provide “vehicles for making learning meaningful to students”, then students “do not develop internal control” (84).  The right consistency produces a delicious cookie that attracts all, but most importantly, the appropriate balance between noticing, identity, agency, and epistemology creates students to have an “expansive social imagination” (85).

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3 Responses to Blog 9: It’s All About The Ingredients

  1. I really liked how you used baking cookies and its ingredients as an example! It was pretty creative. I totally agreed with you when you said “Each ingredient plays a valuable role in obtaining the balance between literacy and learning.” Without every single ingredient needed, the cookies would not come out tasting the same.


  2. I really enjoy reading your writing. You always seem to take other elements and incorporate them into your own idea. It’s genius really. The “how to” cookie recipe at the beginning was a fun read because I didn’t really know where you going with it until I got to the second paragraph. Either way I really enjoyed the blog post


  3. I loved how you incorporated cooking into with the reading. I agree with you 100% for a student to fully understand what is being taught to them they need every piece that goes into the lesson. When it comes to baking a cookie we need to make sure that we include all the ingredients and if we forget something we mess up the whole cookie. Same is applied when it comes to a child learning a new material if the teacher forgets the step or doesn’t teach the child all of the parts clearly then the child will not understand what is expected for them to learn.


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